Welcome to the AR gallery. If you have an iOS device you can see VR versions of selected works into your phone.

Notice: Beta version, AR works on iOS devices only for now. Android devices are not supported.

What’s AR?
Augmented reality (or AR) lets you deliver immersive, engaging experiences that seamlessly blend virtual objects with the real world. Using the device’s camera to present the physical world onscreen live, your app superimposes three-dimensional virtual objects, creating the illusion that these objects actually exist.


Orekan VR - Marco Sanz

Orekan II

Orekan II AR Marco Sanz

How to use AR
1- Click into the orekan image (ilunetan AR coming soon).
2- An AR file appears on the screen, just tap in. Your AR Camera will open.
3- Move your phone horizontal to scan the scene. Orekan AR will appear.
4- You can choose the size and orientation of Orekan AR.
5- Move and move your phone close and far of the Orekan and discover it.
6- Enjoy.

AR instructions OREKAN
AR instructions OREKAN
AR instructions OREKAN
AR instructions OREKAN